Dynamics AX Managed Services

Pwc, 2012 “Over 85% of Dynamics AX(TM) implementations reported failures in core IT business functions” and “45% said application failures were related to technical, staff and maintenance” problems

Why manage Dynamics AX services?

Organizations need to operate on a very low margin in the current market scenario. Quite often they also forget when developing enterprise applications like Dynamics AX in premise, economies of scale increases as time progresses. Managing AX services under recent technical advances provide better consistency, availability and security. But for Dynamics AX to be managed successfully organizations need to chose vendors who can reduce the operational risks, total cost of ownership (TCO), increase returns on investment (ROI) and create better margins.

Why choose Citrisys solutions Dynamics AX managed services?


Focus on business

Forget fixing IT

Create value


Maintain transparency

Streamline change

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Get What you pay for

Predict cost

Spectrum of our managed services

Dynamix AX2012 ERP applications were resolutely designed to fit and assist business processes functions in major industries like retail, services, manufacturing, distribution and public sectors. Spectrum of Citrisys managed AX services are strategically positioned to benefit organizations who want to,

  1. Develop and deploy AX2012 using Citrisys solutions implementation or just managed services.
  2. Extend existing on-premise applications on our cloud.

Dynamics AX managed services portfolio

  • Citrisys solutions Inc., helps organizations to reduce augmentation, service and support spending for the AX portfolio with experienced and certified professional resources.
  • Reduce application downtime risk, total cost of ownership (TCO), increase returns on investment (ROI) and business value by transparent billing.
  • Create value from AX sooner by managing the application externally.

  • Highly robust, secure and scalable multi-tenant and optional isolated tenancy platform scalable to business needs.
  • 128 Bit SSL and customizable evaluation assurance level (EAL) defending hosted platform against both internal and external vulnerabilities.

  • Citrisys solutions has embedded KPI’s that measure current capacity and performance by drilling down the cost of each transaction (TCA).
  • Measure latency, cost, unpredictable user scenarios and predict current and future AX needs analytically using our internal bench marking systems.

  • 24X7 prioritized (L1,L2,L3) support system reducing downtime and making sure that AX is always ON.
  • Rigorous service management style and highly capable support desk helps in maintaining visibility while at the same time reducing operational risks.

  • Automated application health monitoring tool providing proactive and reactive alerts to our onn demand remediation and response team who promise reliable system up time.
  • Our in house performance monitoring tool helps organizations to maintain performance and thus maintaining brand image.

  • IT asset risks are externalized and Application reliability is delivered 99.9% of the time.
  • Dashboard based management enabling IT/AX issues solved at a single vendor point.

  • Reduce legal penalties minimize application availability risks using Citrisys solutions Inc., patch management system.
  • Automate the entire patch management enabling you to view and approve the patches.

  • Minimize complex data storage and maintenance capital expenditure with fully customizable on-demand backup and restore portfolio.
  • With Citrisys solutions Inc., managed services backup and partial restoration your business continuity is promised deal.

  • Citrisys manages business disruptions efficiently and resolves issues effectively through highly productive tools and strategies for core business areas like patching, back-ups, integration and IT architecture which enables organizations to Control risk effectively.
  • Citrisys team has more than 25 years of expertise in combined development and change life cycle management. We can help businesses predict complete project life cycle costs and reduce TCO when assisting change.

  • Citrisys provides transparent, seamless and highly powerful integration services for across platform applications that increase ROI. Manage end-to-end visibility in integration.
  • Create single point solution provider accountability for wide array of integration tasks and minimize risks due to improper business and technical fit in AX application development. Meet current and future business needs by leveraging complete Citrisys integration solutions portfolio.

  • Citrisys helps companies to see if their dynamix implementations meet their strategy requirements by providing post implementation audit services. Proactively measure spending efforts on fixing IT issues.
  • Organizations can reduce resistance to IT audits by directly obtaining the performance data quickly from Citrisys servers, once implemented. Increase ROI from Audits quickly.

  • Remove uncertainty in staff augmentation and accelerate development by using Citrisys QuickDeploy AX framework. Procure staff, develop and deploy quickly.
  • Reduce cost of procuring resources by using Citrisys cloud development framework. Defer onsite IT hardware and resources procurement costs.
  • Fixed fee based service eliminating hidden costs due to sudden changes in project life cycle. Get what you pay for.

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