ERP Implementation

pwc, 2012 – ” Over 70% of implementations were over-customised resulting in high cost of ownership and upgrade complexities with future product releases”

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a high value creation suite for enterprises. Dynamics AX(TM) comes with in-built industry specific business process functions that can enable businesses to create value in a shorter time. From ground-up, developing and designing business functions into the ERP system is easy using the business model driven architecture. As the business grows Dynamics, AX can also naturally fit the growth. With such powerful application, creating high value is possible only if the application creating high value is possible only if the application is built and implemented in the right way. Quite often, organizations forget that while building enterprise applications in-premise, economies of scale increases as time progresses.

Why Citrisys?

Citrisys as a Business integrator has the required technical, functional and business expertise in designing custom and COTS solutions based on the Dynamics AX platform. We do not provide “Rube Golberg” solutions. Instead, we follow the Microsoft assured Sure Step methodology for our implementations to help organizations in maximizing benefits from Dynamics AX. We also support Regetta methodology in implementing Dynamics AX systems. We help organizations to

Reduce Cost: When it comes to Dynamics AX development, implementation and post-implementation we provide expert resources, staff, Technical Development, Technical management, Training and Support services that can reduce a lot of internal CAPEX and OPEX. We help you to reduce future costs in implementing the Dynamics platform and help you to keep it low.

Fit Business: Most of the implementation issues come from overly customizing the Dynamics AX platform. At Citrisys we can help organizations to first map their complete business processes, design and then develop systems. We fit your business processes with Dynamics, the way it is supposed to be.

Increase ROI and Grow: Our software development, implementation and maintenance practices are industry standard so that you do not have to sacrifice your bottom line in maintaining and fixing Dynamics AX platform. Instead you can concentrate on growing more with our post implementation support.

Custom solutions for Industry Verticals

Our Vertical industry focus:

  1. Retail
  2. Supply Chain
  3. Financials

Our Dynamics AX Implementation + Integration portfolio covers:

  1. Customization, Issues Fixing and Futures Extension (X++ and MorphX Developement)
  2. Report Development (MorphX Reports)
  3. AIF Development
  4. Enterprise portal development
  5. Implementing security strategies
  6. User Training with Training material
  7. SSRS, SSIS, SSAS Integration (SQL Server Report Development, Data gathering and cleansing from Line-of-Business Applications and Cube Building)
  8. Integration with existing Line-of-Business Applications either from the MS platform or with external applications
  9. E-Commerce migration and integration with current framework
  10. Mobile framework integration and development (iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Android)

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