Dynamics Commerce


DAXRetail™ is an eCommerce product built entirely on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 platform. DAXRetail™ leverages the Dynamics AX 2012 Framework and bolts eCommerce components to support providing immediate online capability to a traditional Brick and Mortar Store. DAXRetail™ is built on SharePoint and includes all capabilities of an eCommerce store including electronic payment and tax integrations, catalog publishing, promotions etc. DAXRetail™ is mobile ready and comes with a capability of having custom built mobile apps as well across all mobile platforms.

The visually appealing user interface and a eye-catching theme and easy-to-use tools of DAXRetail™ will encourage all your customers to rapidly adopt the online store and gain instant access to product details and embrace its online purchasing capability. With our intuitive Quick2Commerce framework, your store can be up and running in as less as six weeks, guaranteeing the maximum ROI.

Salient Features

DAXRetail™ comes with a host of unique features in addition to the usual features that are present in any eCommerce application. One of the biggest challenges in the implementation of any eCommerce application is the magnitude and complexity of the various integration points with disparate systems including Financial ERPs, PIMs, and CRMs etc. Added to this complexity is the vast and different communication formats and standards employed by these integrations like SOAP, JSON, and Message Queues etc.

DAXRetail™ is built on top of the Dynamics AX 2012 platform. It comes fully built with all the required integrations to Dynamics AX 2012 using Microsoft recommend integration methodologies and frameworks that will completely handle all necessary needs like pricing maintenance, product information management, fulfillment etc. Simply put, DAXRetail™ is an eCommerce product that is not just integration-ready, but pre-integrated with Dynamics AX 2012 to solve your entire back-end integration needs.

Catalog Management, Catalog Browsing & Product Browsing
Create and manage product details, categories from the Dynamics AX 2012 and publish selective or all catalog data to your online store. Define attributes at the catalog and product level including images, videos, extended descriptions, features, technical specifications, refine elements and facets/layered navigation and publish them instantly to the online store.

Define custom landing pages for top-level categories in the taxonomy structure and configure the search and product comparisons with a customizable grid or list display. Layered navigation to support filtering of search results ensures that customers can quickly locate the right product of their choice. Related products in the catalog automatically provides cross-sell and up-sell lookups and the Review & Rating allows customers to review the product and provide public or private feedback, indirectly aiding in customer engagement.

Site Management & Search Engine Optimization
DAXRetail™ comes with in-built search engine optimization (SEO) to define Search Engine Friendly URLs at the product and category levels to attract new customers. Pre-built product and category level customizations ensure that the meta information gets published when the corresponding pages are loaded for various analytical tools in the market.

Dynamics AX 2012 is built with support for efficient management of multiple channels and DAXRetail™ leverages this feature to allow control of the online store from the same administration panel and share as much or as little information as required. DAXRetail™ is integrated with Google Analytics with extensive support for custom and third party analytic integrations like Bing, Bronto etc.

Analytics & Reporting
DAXRetail™ seamlessly integrates with Dynamics AX 2012, which ensures that all orders placed on the site are instantly available on AX for synchronization. Data captured on the eCommerce storefront can be mined to generate various kinds of reports like Product Review Reports, Coupon Usages, Sales Performance by Product, Total Sales Invoiced, Store Metrics, Cross Margin Returns, Total Sales Refunded, Abandoned Carts and much more.

Customer Account & Services
DAXRetail™ goes an extra step to ensure customers are constantly engaged while browsing the online store for ordering. It keeps track of all recently ordered items and lists them unobtrusively for them to quickly pick and order. It also keeps track of all recently viewed items while also recording details of what other customers viewed or ordered after ordering the selected item thereby enabling the customer to “go as the world goes”. The Customer dashboard acts as more than beyond customer self service, allowing customers to view, print and track current status of all previous orders while enabling them to generate wish lists and gift lists and to quickly re-order from a previously saved list.

DAXRetail™ understands that the checkout experience is one of the most important experiences for a customer that defines how the customer reacts to the online store and if the customer will interact with the store on a regular basis. Keeping this in mind, DAXRetail comes with both multi page and one-page checkout options that are easily and directly customizable using the in-built CMS while providing the ability to integrate with a variety of payment gateways, address verification services, subscription services making the entire process a breeze for your customers. Customers can choose to ship items individually to different addresses, or pick up items directly from the store, gift-wrap specific items or quantities and add a special gift message during checkout.

Order Management
Orders placed on the storefront can completely be managed from inside Dynamics AX 2012 while transparently transmitting the changes to the order to the online store instantly or in a scheduled mode. Service agents at call centers/customer support centers will have the ability to create new customers, order for customers from their previous orders, generate invoices, trigger or hold fulfillment based on customer credit history, split shipping and generate back orders for non-stocked items, provide discounts and special pricing, along with the ability to process refunds and exchanges.

Marketing & Promotions
Dynamics AX 2012 allows a variety of item discounts to actively engage customers and increase conversion rates. DAXRetail™ auto propagates discounts defined in AX and custom-landing pages can be designed to promote campaigns. DAXRetail™ also allows you to harness the power of customer groups to target selective group of customers and convert them using customer specific pricing and promotions. Coupled with cross-sells and up-sells, promotions act as a powerful marketing tool to increase the AOV (Average Order Value) while providing the functionality and ease-of-use tools to increase your online sales.

Multi Channel Commerce

Our Multi-channel commerce offers the cross channel scenarios like buy online / Pick up in store, integration with online market places and Brick & Mortar Store for more sales, customer interaction and feedback. We also provide integrated assortment and category management with online channels and site enable product/service quotations, promotions, offers, coupons, advertisement, marketing and more in the cloud.

Integration Expertise

Any ecommerce application requires a myriad of third party integrations over and above the standard integrations like Payment Gateways, Marketing, Shipping and Tax Calculations, etc. We have extensive experience of integrating multiple third party systems over a wide domain of eCommerce frameworks in the market and can apply this expertise and skills gained into DAXRetail.

Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways are part and parcel of any ecommerce site to facilitate the capture of payments from customers through credit cards, netbanking or other pre-paid cards. Our prior implementations include CyberSource, PayPal, First Data, Authorize.net, Amazon Payments, Google, American Express, Accertify Fraud Services, PayFuse and Bill Me Later.

Marketing Management
In today’s eCommerce world, there is a continuous pressure to provide the right kind of products by predicting customer tastes and preferences as well as to garner insights of customer spend and web experience to provide targeted promotions and campaigns. Our prior implementations include SilverPOP, ExactTarget, Janrain, Tealium, Google Analytics, Omniture, Dirxion, Open Layers, Channel Advisor, Bazaar Voice and Power review.

Almost all retails have one or another Product Information Management system that is used for maintaining a central repository of all product related information as well as to establish a relationship between its suppliers and the warehouse. We have implemented integrations to enterprise PIMs including Oracle PIM and Heiler PIM and bring this profiency to the table when PIM integrations are needed.

Financial Management
While orders captured in the eCommerce storefront are fulfilled by third party fulfillment systems, there usually is a key requirement to transfer sale related data to financial systems if backend ERP caters only to fulfillment and a different system is used for financial calculations. Our ability and experience gained in implementing integrations to such systems (TR One Source, Vertex, Quick Books and CyberSource) will ensure that your financial integrations to any third-party system needs are fulfilled with no learning curve or teething issues.

Citrisys has also implemented various integrations across divergent domains apart from the integrations mentioned above like Endeca Search, SAP, Sterling OMS, Melisa Data Address Verification, Akamai CDN and Monetate Solutions.


Advertise your online presence within as short as 6 weeks of development time through our proprietary Quick2Commerce.framework, a framework adaptable enough to integrate the Microsoft recommended Sure Step Methodology to implement Dynamics AX. Built as a set of six phases of processes from analyze to support, the framework assists in analyzing the business requirements to fit them specifically into an eCommerce platform’s feature set and also ensure continuous support to maintain the eCommerce store up and running efficiently and cost effectively with a suite of managed services. Our Quick2Commerce is an analytically structured framework that cares to communicate, collaborate and allocate resources as needed to completely mitigate the risk of cost and time.