Vendor Assessment

In the current market scenario organizations need to maintain competitive services and margins to grow in the market. Most of the time such organizations come across deciding to outsource services to a third part vendor. Companies basically do this to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), risks and get quick Turn Around Time (TAT) for their business ideas. Often in the current market, it is required by organizations to investigate deeply beforehand if their vendor is capable of walking the talk. Acquiring new vendors is a complicated process for which proven expertise, techniques, tools, and assessment templates are needed. As complete hosting services provider we provide exhaustive list of points that organizations should while evaluating vendors

Key points for evaluating different types of vendors

1. Information security framework
2. Data retention and redundancy
3. Availability and reliability
4. Availability of skilled Support
5. Application enhancements and certified personnel support
6. Integration
7. Usability
8. SLA and contracts
9. Current Infrastructure condition
10. Infrastructure scalability
10. References
11. Vendor business viability
12. Patch fixing
13. Change management
14. Pricing
15. Issue resolution
16.Post implementation support
17. Post implementation audit
18. Standardized Development practices for E-Commerce and Enterprise applications

Why choose Citrisys for vendor evaluation?

Our vendor evaluation framework is threefold. First, we help organizations to assess vendors rigorously using our classification framework. Second, through our assessment methodologies, organizations can be assured that there are no risks or hidden surprises at the end of the exercise. Third, our deliverable’s are, business fit. Our vendor assessment framework is given below.,

  • Understand your organizations business needs and create requirements document
  • Create delivery model
  • Develop a high level RFI/RFP

  • Assess vendors using due diligence
  • Conduct surveys, interviews and focus group sessions
  • Distribute and RFI and RFP’s to potential vendors
  • Conduct review sessions to analyze results

  • Analyze and benchmark vendor data
  • Short list successful vendors
  • Facilitate vendor presentations
  • Deliver key functional, business and technical requirements and suggestions to the clients
  • Present summarized analysis and submit RFP’s

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