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EConsultancy, 2012 –

” 75% of enterprises use social collaboration tools in 2013″

Why businesses need social collaboration?

Social collaboration is a collective terminology that mainly focuses on helping users to share knowledge. Takers for social collaboration are usually enterprises and customer facing businesses. Enterprises primarily, can utilize internal, external and market based social frameworks to improve their overall organizational productivity, reduce resource augmentation costs and promote sales activities (B2B CS, sales and marketing). While pure-play online retail organizations, can see social collaboration as a multichannel sales opportunity in which they can promote their brands, products and awareness. Social collaboration is also not just a bubble phenomenon because the overall market environment has moved to an user based / consumer based selling. With increased sophistication and capabilities of mobile technologies, organizations can no longer turn a blind eye to social collaboration in their organizational growth portfolio.

Why choose Citrisys for your social collaboration portfolio?

Citrisys as an e-Business solutions leader, can help organizations to balance their legacy tools with current social collaboration tools in order to maximize their ROI. While some of the legacy collaboration tools like (Emails, Conferencing and chatting) are here to stay, new social collaboration tools (like Wiki’s, Blogging, Activity feed and Social tagging) are replacing older ones(telephony) with solutions (VOIP). Business, technology and implementation risks are high in creating a balanced social collaboration portfolio. Improper organizational assessment before development, irregular risk mitigation during deployment and unevolved collaboration portfolio after deployment can cause heavy damages to the organizational functionality and reduce organizational growth as the whole. Citrisys provides a Social collaboration framework with which B2C, B2C, E2E and C2C organizations can quickly utilize to assess, develop and deploy social portfolios for their businesses. Our Social collaboration framework.,

  1. Measure, map and assess the readiness of business processes, systems, operations and marketing (for B2B & B2C), thoroughly. We do this through joint workshops, for accurately quantifying the areas of focus, along with the support of management.
  2. Assess process and technology areas where social collaboration is necessary. Document requirements as patterns, processes and technology areas where social collaboration can make a difference(either improvement in business or economic value).
  3. Assess enterprise wide business risks, information and assurance architecture for the entire organization.

  1. Streamline pattern mapping in the entire social collaboration portfolio to allow relationship(synchronous and asynchronous) and knowledge sharing, completely.
  2. Envision strategic, operational, information architecture, risk mitigation initiatives and plans that act as a road map in guiding the development process.
  3. Citrisys solutions helps organization to prioritize the planning efforts on reducing TCO and driving social adoption internally.

  1. Develop, modify and manage a complete and comprehensive social collaboration strategy. Our social commerce framework helps organizations to calculate, plan and predict costs.
  2. Citriys solutions helps organizations to Institute acceptable policies, KPI’s, procedures and concurrent business processes for developing and deploying social collaboration architecture, with help of management directives.
  3. Design and develop BPR, process optimization, tryouts, rollout and ongoing social collaboration development plan.
  4. Citrisys solutions helps organizations with its systems development and integration expertise for providing social collaboration, seamlessly.
  5. Create isolated try-outs so that organizations can approved developed solutions without damaging business functionality

  1. Create a step by step implementation framework strategy to maximize the benefits from the implementation process.
  2. Move quickly from isolated tryouts to roll outs using our IT expertise. We help you to create a complete workable implementation strategy that covers development, integration and implementation best practices and procedures.
  3. Assist organizations in measuring risks and failures from deployments using automated systems, KPI’s and goal based workshops mapped to the development plan.
  4. Citrisys also helps organizations to plan, provision and inculcate risk mitigation procedures, processes and systems that reduce internal risks during and post social collaboration implementations. In the deployment process, we constantly retrace the results back to assessment and development process, to create a risk aware social collaboration portfolio
  5. At Citrisys, we assist in deploying full scale social collaboration pilot plan only after business risks are reduced and when the social collaboration portfolio promises true growth.

With the help of our tried and tested evolution tools and techniques, organizations can grow quickly from a newly capable social collaborator provider into a fulfillment providing social collaboration capable organization. Citrisys believes under current market scenario, even with strapped margins any social collaborative framework plan or strategy should be continuous and dynamic. When low quality implementations can disrupt the organization function, Citrisys solution assures social collaboration success by assisting organizations in their post implementation phase.

  1. Citrisys helps organizations in standardizing the deployed business rules, practices, controls and IT systems, quickly and efficiently.
  2. We also assist organizations in creating a social collaboration evolution plan that can expand the current capacities organically and thoroughly.
  3. Our expertise as an e-Integrator can help organizations to create integrated learning plans, strategies, IT systems that manage and support the overall businesses
  4. Create, manage, develop and evolve collaboration framework strategy continuously to manage content, search, social network and enterprise systems strategy.

At the end of this exercise we provide organizations with a multichannel e-Commerce plan/RFP’s that lists business, technological, operational issues, KPI’s and forecasts. We provide suggestions that can potentially increase your organizational capacity, enabling growth, reducing costs and increasing your ROI. Companies can use this document to understand their businesses and work with us to outlines their critical business requirements so that we can start helping you become multichannel capable, faster.

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