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IMRG, 2012 –

“Multichannel retailers say share of revenue from digital sales was accounted for 45% of revenue” and “at the same time revenue from store sales was below 40% by 2014”

In current market situation many organizations are moving from single channel market environment to multichannel environment capability, in order to capitalize on more opportunities. Apart from the expansive selling base, multichannel E-Commerce promises many benefits for the organization and its customers, if strategically implemented. So, when reaching multichannel capacity, organizations without a road map or a multichannel e-Commerce implementation strategy, are assured to fail. While integrating touch points in a seamless manner sounds easy, there are hidden business and technological risks when it comes to assessing, developing, deploying and evolving Multichannel e-Commerce. So, it is important for organizations to choose vendors wisely when they want to implement multichannel E-Commerce strategy. Organizations should consider the following pain points in evaluating a Multichannel E-Commerce strategy.,

  • Economics of scaling up on supply chain
  • Functional, business and and systems silo analysis
  • 360 degree single user view support
  • Product and brand development capability
  • Organizational risk resolution capacity
  • Visibility and goal development

Why choose Citrisys for your multichannel?

At Citrisys, we make sure that your multichannel strategy creation starts with assessing the business, marketing and technology capabilities of the organization. At Citrisys we believe experiences lie not just with uniqueness of the website, but also with a capable background business process. Our multichannel road map concentrates on creating the visibility, consistency and business capacity throughout the organization. We provide the safety net that helps you to prioritize your planning efforts in focusing on reducing end to end risks, lowering costs, expenditures and at the same time helping to grow your multichannel e-commerce capacity. We are confident because of our tested and tried multichannel e-commerce strategy framework, helps pure play as well as hybrid enterprises. Our framework model overview.,

  1. Measure, map and assess the readiness of the business, systems, marketing, operations and sales thoroughly. We do this through joint workshops, for accurately quantifying the areas of focus, along with the help of the management.

In designing and developing multichannel framework strategies, Citrisys helps organizations to make sure there is visibility and consistency in customer interaction points. Our development process helps organizations to modify their current brand and product portfolio, based on our quantitative and qualitative assessments. We help organizations in,

  1. Developing comprehensive KPI’s, goals and product based strategies that are agile and quick to implement.
  2. Developing business process strategies to solve overall sales, technology and operational complexity issues.
  3. Creating end to end IT, sales, services and business development plans that support installing, inculcating and growing multichannel critical business processes, before the deployment.
  4. Create, customize and develop information architecture for multichannel enablement.
  5. Plan, develop and support your customer service, marketing and implementation strategy.

Citriys solutions helps organizations to move quickly from isolated experimental try-outs to full channel roll outs by

  1. Fast experimental tryout planning and support, that helps the management and stakeholders to quickly implement, measure and monitor the effect of current and new business processes, marketing plans and touch point installations throughout the business.
  2. Assist organizations in measuring risks and failures from deployments using automated systems, KPI’s and goal based workshops mapped to the development plan.
  3. Citrisys also helps organizations to plan, provision and inculcate risk mitigation procedures, processes and systems that reduce internal risks during and post multichannel implementations. In the deployment process, we constantly retrace the results back to assessment and development process, to create a risk aware multichannel portfolio
  4. At Citrisys, we assist in deploying full scale multichannel pilot plan only after business risks are reduced and when the multichannel portfolio promises true growth.

With the help of our tried and tested evolution tools and techniques, organizations can grow quickly from a newly capable multichannel provider into a fulfillment providing cross channel capable organization. Citrisys believes under current market scenario even with strapped margins any channel evolution should be continuous and organic, because low quality implementations can disrupt the organization function. Citrisys solution assures multichannel implementation success by assisting organizations in their post implementation phase.

  1. Citrisys helps organizations in standardizing the deployed business rules, practices, controls and IT systems, quickly and efficiently.
  2. We also assist organizations in creating a multichannel evolution plan that can expand the current multichannel capacities organically and thoroughly.
  3. Our expertise as an e-Integrator can help organizations to create integrated learning plans, strategies and IT systems to monitor, manage and support the overall business, channel and systems development management.


At the end of this exercise we provide organizations with a multichannel e-Commerce plan/RFP’s that lists business, technological, operational issues, KPI’s and forecasts. We provide suggestions that can potentially increase your organizational capacity, enabling growth, reducing costs and increase your ROI. Companies can use this document to understand their businesses and work with us to outlines their critical business requirements so that we can start helping you become multichannel capable, faster.

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