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“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

Why do you need a road map for E-Commerce?

In current market scenario, where the organizations are fighting for market share in recession, competitive advantages like E-Commerce are really pivotal for survival. Business leaders even go to the extent of adding personal funds for attaining a competitive advantage and market presence in the E-Commerce industry. In such cases, organizations that do not have a E-Commerce road map is comparable to organizations without a vision or business purpose. Organizations without the road map and foresight are prone to fail in their ventures or over spend to attain the E-Commerce capability.

Our road map difference

At Citrisys, we do not use rule of thumb measures and cookie cutter documents to create E-Commerce road maps. Our technical expertise is deep and our E-Commerce assessment covers all areas of potential risks and capabilities with analysis covering the business, technology and brand areas. We are agnostic to industry verticals but our core expertise lies in retail, supply chain and financials industry verticals. When it comes to designing E-Commerce road maps we are at par to internal auditors in mapping all the expenses, costs, financial, technological and high level PESTLE based analysis. Our road map design strategy is simple.

Our road map overview

Our road map assessment methodology and frame work does not just blandly assess your P&L, listed KPI’s and technology capabilities. The analysis includes in depth perspective into an organizations brand demand, business strategy, business processes, organizational capacity, business and launch needs analysis. We at Citrisys solutions believe that joint exercise should and will help you to corner the organizational status, short list organizational success requirements and the future IT critical planning needs. With these details and with our Quick2Commerce framework, companies easily realize their short and long term goals easily.

Road map critical metrics assess the

Brand Demand: Our brand demand assessment methodology measures key financial(Profit and loss, EBTDIA and net profit), business and current system performance metrics that map the current readiness efforts. Citrisys considers these metrics to be critical based for understanding the organization. Our prediction is fact based because we analyze each transaction cost(TCA) throughout the system to segment users, market and demand channels. Such analysis gives foresight and enables organizations to design their strategy, effectively.

Business processes: In business process assessment, Citrisys audits and maps all business critical processes and compares it with industry standard practices. We drill down operational costs in resource, merchandizing, supply chain management, technology and marketing. Drilling down costs until the lowest possible levels, helps us to deliver plans that can help organizations to manage content, capacity and business needs according to the user. This is especially useful for e-Commerce organizations because they can scale according to market peaks and drops.

Business and organizational capacity: E-Commerce capacity is an overlap of the current business processes and not a separate business channel. So, in the business capacity analysis we help organizations to analyze and measure their current E-Commerce, business processes, productivity, designing and re-engineering practices along with their talent attrition capacity.

Strategy: In assessing the strategy comprehensively, Citrisys solutions employs metrics that measure the target market and help organizations to benchmark different internal objectives with overall organizational strategy. At Citrisys solutions, we believe by instituting organizations Key performance indicators, organizations can clearly observe performance of their investments.

Deliverable: At the end of this exercise, we provide organizations with a strategic e-Commerce plan that documents departmental(shipping, merchandizing, marketing and CS) KPI’s, forecasts and targets. Companies can use this document to understand their business and work with us to outlines critical business requirements and RFP’s that enable growth, reduce costs and increase ROI’s

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