Magento Managed Services

Why manage Magento?

“In average a customer waits only 2 seconds for a web page to load” and “architecture issues in Magento coupled with network latency issues result in average page load time greater than 3.5 Secs as and when complexity of website and customer visits increase”

-Yottaa, Aheadworks

Magento is a freely available cutting edge E-Commerce platform that delivers great customer experience with its layered architecture and additional feature rich plugins. Creating customer conversion within 3 seconds in the store front, requires highly tuned server architectures and services portfolio. Choosing organizations to manage your Magento services should be considered under the presumption that magento should generate value and revenue, not a headache.

Why Chose Citrisys for managing Magento?

Citrisys solutions believes in empowering E-Commerce to meet the customer needs. Our magento based managed services offer

Performance: Citrisys solutions offers best performance for your magento website by monitoring, alerting and tuning the websites according to the business needs. Magento is a analytical engine based tool that can change selling, website and marketing preferences according to business needs. Ineffective use of such tools can result in loss of customer base and result in poor return of investments. Our managed services portfolio enables companies to study their customers and create marketing portfolio according to the current business capabilities.

Availability: Our robust data center architecture promises 99.9% up time. We do that by constantly monitoring the application and architecture performance and then deliver support so that risks are mitigated and the web site is on always and running. Our technology balances customer load and scales according to clients requirements.

Assurance: Citrisys understands information assurance in the perspective of E-Commerce. In fact our systems are PCI DSS complaint so that you do not have to worry about external threats and security issues. Citrisys uses sophisticated firewalls, Intrusion protection systems in blocking external threats even before they reach the data centers.

Our managed Magento services highlights:

  • Highly robust and secured multi-tenant platform extendable to optional isolated tenancy architecture depending on business needs. Citrisys magento hosting architectures is where clients can be assured of security, agility and scalability in infrastructure and application needs.
  • Citrisys infrastructure is secured by payment industry approved security(PCI DSS) and service architecture so the customer data is protected from threats and vulnerabilities always. Stop malicious external threats, effectively.

  • Citrisys can enable organizations with capacity to drill and calculate current application and resources capacity through transaction cost analysis (TCA) or any other custom unit of measure that the organizations like. Measure current capacity and performance accurately.
  • Measure latency and cost for the complete magento hosted selection to see whether the current performance meets the SLA. Measure unpredictable application and user cost scenarios.
  • Query, Collect, Analyze and Test current performance data for predicting the future user needs so that application can be tuned to meet transaction needs of the user. Predict future hosting requirements

  • Citrisys follows strict adherence to promised SLA’s. We have rigorously designed our SLA through guidance from ITIL framework. Our SLA Promise – web store up 99.9 % time, always.
  • 24×7 prioritized(L1,L2,L3) support system that efficiently solves business critical tickets. Reduce downtime and make sure Magento is always ON.
  • Highly capable support desk takes very minimal turn around time to respond and fix issues in the application architecture. Maintain high visibility in issue resolution and bill for services accurately

  • Optimize Magento web page performance through by tuning Nginx, PHP and MySQL configuration. Optimize application architecture to generate faster page load times. Reduce loss of customer.
  • Redundant tire 3 data center architecture with tuning capability for load balancing an memcache optimization. Increase customer attrition rates
  • Tune the analytics portfolio with our Business Analyst to create more page visits and conversion rate. Increase revenue through Analytics

  • Citrisys solutions helps you to sign and request a magento service through a simple but sure step methodology. Place a request, expect our sales team to call you, work with our Business Analyst, find services fit for your business needs, solve technical issues with TAM, Deploy quickly and get support. Stop spending time on getting service, start getting service.

  • Citrisys has strict policies on maintaining certified and experienced Magento support personnel for ensuring quality and efficiency in resolution of application architecture issues. Reduce service and support spending for the Magento portfolio.
  • Reduce application downtime risk and TCO by resolving issues faster using Citrisys support team. Focus in creating more space for generating higher ROI and business value by transparent resource billing. Reduce costly staff augmentation.
  • Manage application implementation and maintenance externally to reduce IT CAPEX footprint. Create value from magento sooner.

  • Automated application health monitoring tools providing incident alerts to the support and service desk. The application support and service desk in turn fix it. Proactively predict your Magento application and hosting status
  • Our hosting infrastructure stack can help businesses to monitor their application performance and provision tuning according to business needs, before their users do. Maintain brand image
  • Citrisys solutions expects you to forget spending CAPEX on monitoring resources that stay awake only from 9-5. Monitoring and alerting your webs store is performed through an automated alert system. Citrisys solutions alerts you through SMS and Email. Stay in touch with your web store, automatically.

  • Citrisys solutions infra structure architecture is highly resilient. We promise 99.9% assured up time. But in case if there is a failure, our customers can contact us 24x7x365 days a year quickly. Post a ticket about the issue through our customer service portal or chat with our service to resolve issues immediately. We promise best turn around times while our service stays with you and alerts you all through the issue resolution. Resolve issues without issues
  • Collaborative multi-level support service acting as defense barriers in solving hardware and application issues side by side. Manage technical hosting service portfolio at a single point efficiently and effectively.
  • Asset and IT alignment risks are minimized completely because availability and reliability is delivered as promised by business aligned hosting center, 99.9% of the time. Externalize IT asset maintenance risk.

  • Citrisys solutions has a highly qualified set of tools, resources and teams qualified for a wide variety of application and architecture issues. We help you to prioritize issues and solve issues that are highly critical. Our in house business team solves important tickets from 9 to 7( except local holidays). Get professional support, quickly.

  • Clients can approve patches and fixes in separate test environment before being deployed in real time without loading the application server. Minimize application availability risks due to improper application patching.
  • Citrisys has automated patch management that enable clients to monitor updating of approved software components for security, service packs and software bug fixing issues. Increase internal IT staff productivity by focusing on building IT components that are robust.
  • Citrisys patch management tool encompasses service compliance(ITIL, PCI DSS) according to business needs, while applying changes to technical architecture. Reduce legal penalties.

  • Citrisys minimizes risk and reliance on internal systems. Avoiding complex data storage and maintenance architecture CAPEX
  • Fully customizable on-demand back-up and restoration portfolio scalable to business needs. Pay as you grow
  • 24x7x365 guaranteed service levels for fast, secure and dependable back up and restoration of business data ensuring Continuity. Ensure continuous business process availability (BCM)

  • Citrisys helps companies to see if their magento implementations meet their strategy requirements by providing post implementation audit services. Proactively measure spending efforts on fixing IT issues.
  • Organizations can reduce resistance to IT audits by directly obtaining the performance data quickly from Citrisys servers, once implemented. Increase ROI from Audits quickly.
  • Organizations can also use disclosed third parties in Citrisys hosting environment to audit their current application implementations and evaluate the performance.

Our managed services for cloud development and testing

Develop and Deploy Yesterday

Procurement and development costs are really high for companies that need IT development resources immediately. In-premise development shows increases in hidden project life cycle costs and so the economies of scale, in the longer run. With almost 25 years of combined development experience Citrisys can help companies and individuals to reduce development, deployment and maintenance risks aggressively. With our Magento tested Cloud Development framework, organizations can Collaborate, Develop, Test, Automate, Accelerate and Manage magento projects quickly and cost efficiently.

Citrisys has In-built communication framework helps organizations to reduce cost of acquiring costly communication systems. Reduce collaboration costs, Collaborate more.

Citrisys understands that development resources are not at the development center, all the time. With in built secure VPN networks developers can collaborate for work in a secure manner. Collaborate globally, connect securely.

Our development framework supports wide array magento platforms(PHP, Python, Java and Rails) enabling developers to transfer skills and ideas easily. Have your own development architecture.

With our secure and robust infrastructure organizations can be assured that their development environment is always available. Develop securely, safely and robustly

Citrisys helps developers and organizations to maintain and monitor migration development and deployments in a cost effective manner through control panel application. Manage easily and cost effectively

Our development framework supports developers with migration tutorials that can assist organizations all the way when they are stuck. Stop coding scripts and start migrating to magento

Scale easily using our easy subscription based environment and avoid extensive resource augmentation and maintenance costs. Our business analyst will help you to if you need to scale. Reduce acquiring costs

Citrisys offers a wide variety of free developer plugins that can help developers to automate project development life cycle.

Developers can test run their applications with minimum resource requirements under our simulation environment.
See if the application can really hold up to the stress tests. If not scrap easily. Test for stress, scrap the rest

With our quick development and deployment framework organizations and individuals can expect faster value to time cycles. Accelerate growth

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