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Gartner, msp 2012 “1 out of every 5 businesses will opt for Managed IT services by 2013” and “71% of those businesses report cost savings of more than 25%”


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Citrisys Solutions provides managed services for organizations facing key challenges regarding their total cost of ownership (TCO) and other business risks from their IT portfolio. Our managed services was designed with various geographical, business, socioeconomic and technology needs in consideration. By choosing Citrisys solutions’ managed services, businesses can reduce risks, improve efficiency, performance and manage IT so that they can grow bigger. Organizations can choose from our exceptional range of services and resources starting from IT acquisition, development and until post implementation, to fit their business needs. With Citrisys, organizations can expect the Assurance, Dexterity, Reliability and Performance that they have always been looking for. Citrisys does this by becoming an organic component in the value chain and can help you to manage the IT challenges effectively and efficiently.

End to End Managed Services portfolio:

Depth and breadth of our managed services portfolio wide array of organizations so that they can forget about the extensive cost of maintaining IT. Our knowledge base and technical expertise can help organizations to quickly take stock of their business status, choose services fit for their profile, deploy quickly and realize returns all in shorter period of time.

Enterprise and E-Commerce tuned Services:

Citrisys provides consulting services specially tuned for E-Commerce and also businesses seeking SAAS. We provide certified platform specialists and account managers that are dedicated in understanding your pre-sales, development, deployment and post- implementation needs and provide quality solutions with quick turn around time. Our transparent and predictable and fixed pricing enables organizations to foresee development and CAPEX/ OPEX needs before hand so that they can accommodate needs of the market. Our service desk methodology is quick and simple. Ask for services, expect our business analyst, find services that fits your need, develop and implement. Our rigorous ITIL services methodology reduces our service delivery mistakes so that you get what you need.

Application Management:

Citrisys offers a wide array of platform based solutions for ATG, Magento, Dynamix AX, Salesforce and Sugar CRM platforms. Our platform specific hosting solutions are designed to get better performance, assurance, availability and reliability. We have designed ourmanaged services to drill to the last bit of application frameworks so that when the application is monitored, all the related OS, database, Application frameworks and web services are included in the monitoring. By doing so risks in application environment are minimized and organizations can expect applications to be available to conduct business.


Citrisys solutions has designed its managed services portfolio by opting ITIL best practices as its core guiding methodology. The ITIL ready managed services provides proactive systems management methodology so that organizations can not just reduce current risks but can also bring down cost of maintaining IT by consistently monitoring and maintaining future risks due to changes, throughout the IT application framework. Externalizing such risky process and requires trusting the work with trained service experts from Citrisys, who can reduce your IT management costs considerably. Citrisys believes that SLA’s do not stop with your IT systems being business ready 24x7x365 days and on, 99.9% of the time. Citrisys helps organizations to monitor their current SLA and SLO to measure the current services level.

Support Management:

Our contiguous performance and configuration monitoring enables organizations to maintain transparent view on how their subscribed service and application are performing in real time. Apart from the automated Incident alerting, when there is problem organizations can trust with Citrisys based managed services to resolve issues quickly because our support desk works 24x7x365. Our integrated services framework and problem specific expert personnel promise that the issue is resolved accurately by reducing risks. When any changes related to the application and infrastructure occur, our change and release management framework provides complete control clients and end -users in controlling and approving the change. This is done so that business continuity is completely preserved due to security, application and infrastructure patches.

Infrastructure Management:

Our data centers (Type 3) are designed to withstand multiple points of failure and are robust with multi-point network and redundancy support architecture. This saves a lot of IT CAPEX for organizations because they can save the investment in storage, management, network, computation, hardware and software application monitoring and maintenance. Organizations can stop spending on the costly time progressive CAPEX / OPEX on resource augmentation a maintenance in maintaining the infrastructure and utilize the highly reliable and expert services from Citrisys. With IT out of focus organizations and can scale fastly according to the needs of the market and therefore reduce the risks in implementing and managing the IT infrastructure.

Information Assurance Management:

Citrisys solutions considers data as the important and invaluable asset in the commercial business. Data is pivotal for organizations because with data organizations can understand what the consumers need. Data does not just stop with providing understanding consumer needs, data from the application and infrastructure is vital in understanding how the business is progressing. So Citrisys has highly secure and industry compliant (PCI DSS, ISO 27001) information assurance architecture that monitoring all the points of information security risk. Our information assurance architecture monitors the complete architecture for possible abuses, vulnerabilities and threats. Our layered security has wide array of technological tools like hardware firewalls, IDS/IPS and SSL certificates enables data from business critical transactions to be secured from malicious internal and external threats. With Citrisys solutions ISMS organizations can assure end-users are safe and secure.


Citrisys solutions helps organizations to migrate easily to managed services by providing project planning, system and application configuration, system and application instrumentation, load and security testing and documentation. With expert level knowledge base on a wide array of application frameworks, Citrisys can help organizations in to see if the business requirements were met. Citrisys provides complete documentation and extensive development support so that organizations can stop coding and start moving to managing their IT services.

Post implementation:

While IT organizations focus on the pre – sales and development relationships, Citrisys helps organizations to navigate post implementation through support services that are essential. We at Citrisys help organizations to audit the impact of IT on the businesses and continuously help to create solutions and strategies that reduce TCO and increase the return of investments.

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