“Magento corners about quarter of the Commerce market share and is growing faster…..” Internet Retailer, 2012

Since its first release in 2008, Magento has been well known and revered in market circles for its feature rich capabilities, extensive plug ins database and most importantly the ability to provide an unique in store experience. Apart from its features, its open source capability has resulted in many takers which has resulted in a amazing market growth.

How Citrisys does Magento

Our Quick2Commerce development methodology



Assess, analyze and shortlist your E-Commerce needs quickly using our Quick2Engage framework



Map all business processes fit to Magento and the business needs

Do business process designing and re-engineering to optimize processes for a overhaul



Design Information architecture

UI design




Deploy quickly, efficiently and cost effectively using our Quick2Manage framework



Quick2Deploy framework assisting faster, cheaper and efficient deployments



Trustable support package from Citrisys helps organizations to maintain Magento cost effectively, post-deployment

Citrisys Magento Implementation + Integration portfolio

At Citrisys we believe UI is a main component in a Magento Commerce environment. We help organizations to formalize a UI strategy that involves competitive market research based designing, quickly deployable UI framework using wire-frames based prototyping, faster A/B multivariate testing and rigorous usability testing to see if the information architecture is streamlined. At the end of our UI strategy organizations can be sure of the unique store experience.

Be it order management, shopping cart customization, reviews management, additional gift and coupon registry tuning, Citrisys can help you with all. Our customization process is agile and accurate so that the customizations are added to your business layer not as a cost munching component. With Complete Magento customizations available, we only charge accurately to the needs and a quick turn around time promises that you can have the customizations up and running in no period of time.

Citrisys has comprehensive set of capabilities when it comes to magento. We can help you manage your complete site, inventory components, reporting, user accounts, orders, product and catalogs and more. Our experience as E-Commerce player with experience in developing application components from scratch gives us the confidence that we can manage your Magento development needs at a single point.

When it comes to Magento development practices we assure you that with us, WYSIWYG. Our fool proof SVN version oversight systems, peer reviews, aggressive testing methodologies and bug tracking can help organizations to go through iterative agile development with assurance and credibility. All our code is documented so that our clients get full control of the application when it is Go-Live.

Magento has one of the highest conversions from leading Commerce platforms like OSCommerce, XCommerce, Zen-cart and CRE. We assure our migration clients that we are extremely trust worthy when it comes to migration process. Our migration process is reliable and streamlined so that no data is lost.

Our magento support package helps you to constantly measure your application for performance issues and mark with the competition in your industry vertical to see if your application needs spring cleaning. Our E-Commerce road map is designed to evolve along with the organizational trajectory so that we make sure that you do not upgrade without reasons. Our experience with extensions management helps organizations to manage add-ons without risk to the Commerce application. We want to make sure your core application is running, always.

Our expertise and experience in developing Commerce packages, be it ERP, CRM or Payment processing systems using Drupal, Java and other frameworks gives the confidence to say that when it comes to integration, we have it all. We can promise you that without integration expertise companies can slowly increase ROI from your silo systems and reduce a lot of costs.

Citrisys has its own M-Commerce spin off called Mobile brigade. Our previous experience is with market place mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Tablets and other Custom application development. This experience and expertise gives the courage to tell our customers that when comes to your M-Commerce strategy needs, we have it. We can help you to expand your M-Commerce channel by integrating Magento with your M-Commerce website so that, you can control your marketing and M-Commerce management through Magento, in a single click.

When the application response is slow a lot of companies lose customer base because customers require services/web pages to be loaded really fast. With alternative options available in a single click for the customers performance from the magento application is really important. Also as companies start to scale their capabilities, extensions and market reach, magento has been reported to slow down excessively. This may due to two reasons. Majorly your network service partner was very slow, secondly your application framework starts to act up. Since we are complete end to end application hosting and maintenance business, we know the pain points of Magento. Our design and development process takes all this into consideration and employs responsive systems and tuning packages so that when you host we make sure that at least 70% of your issues are solved. That is through efficient and industry standard coding practices optimized for magento.

Sign up with our services make sure that your semantics is seen. We have extensive expertise when it comes to optimizing your page content and semantic structure to suit search engines 100%.

Our Magento cloud package support services does encompass business based maintenance and services package. We maintain your store so that you can forget about troubleshooting, optimization and Magento templates. Our support package strategy is that development and deployment are completely different from managing application for growth. With our post implementation support organizations can be sure that Magento application is maintained, optimized and Business Ready.

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