Commerce Agility

The heart of Hybris is a multichannel engine capable of enabling a wide variety of E-commerce processes while comparing to other COTS framework stacks. Hybris, was designed with industry compliant framework that assists easy transition, increased speed in development and reduces total cost of acquisition. In order to accelerate Hybris implementation, it is paramount that organizations need vendors who understand E-Commerce business processes, end to end. Our Hybris E-Commerce development is Agile and the implementation methodology suits lean start ups and big organizations as well.

How Citrisys maximizes Hybris

Our Quick2Commerce methodology



Assess, analyze and shortlist your business needs quickly using our Quick2Engage framework



Map all business processes to Hybris fit to business needs

Do business process designing and re-engineering to optimize processes for a overhaul



Design Information architecture

UI design




Develop rapidly with hybris certified developers

Test pro-actively



Deploy quickly, efficiently and cost effectively using our Quick2Manage framework



The trust-able support package from Citrisys helps organizations to maintain hybris cost effectively, post-deployment

Citrisys Hybris Implementation and Integration portfolio.

User experience is pivotal for an Hybris Commerce platform to succeed. Citrisys helps organizations to create UI strategy. Our UI strategy is simple but effective. We analyze your business information architecture, capture your brand and store experience, create customizable Website Wire frames that matches your business style. The UI strategy is primarily designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency for easy page loads and, finally retain customers. Our UI strategy helps you to compete with courage, no matter if you are a B2B or a B2C organization.

Product content management is just not a technical issue. Citrisys helps organizations create PIM strategies that maps the complete supply chain in order to capitalize on Hybris. If Hybris PIM is managed properly, companies should be able to save a lot of internal and external costs in product management, market the product faster and increase sales considerably.

Customers are the initiators of sales channels nowadays. Citrisys provides retail organizations with expertise in creating commerce strategies that can help organizations to Reach, Engage, Convert and Retain loyalty of consumers. At the same time with our Hybris portfolio, organizations can reduce total cost of ownsership (TCO) due to risks from Implementations and increase the ROI. Our Quick2Commerce methodology assures you that you can be online within 4 months.

Citrisys solutions, helps manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to reduce costs in Multi-channel commerce implementations and system integrations. With Citrisys customized POS solutions organizations can leverage Hybris back end capabilities to streamline business processes and inculcate inclusive growth throughout the enterprise. Organizations can also quickly migrate from Offline to Online with ease and efficiency using our Quick2Commerce framework.

Managing orders is important for providing a great customer experience. With Hybris, organizations can increase ROI from RMA management, reduce returns, increase capability in managing customer relationships. Citrisys does this maintaining proper fit in integrating silo systems and ensuring operations fit perfectly and are reflected accurately in Hybris. Citrisys helps organizations to reduce hidden costs in your globalization strategy by aligning your IT systems to enable cost effective multi-channel commerce, and helping to deliver what the customers need.

Hybris has a in-built CS system that can enable customer service agents to engage in meaningful customer service relationships. Since customer service is a critical brand success factor, Citrisys designed its Hybris portfolio to expand current Hybris CS suit for reducing total cost of CS proactively. Citrisys, while providing consulting to implement cost effective CS strategies, also helps organizations to expand its current CS portfolio into cross channel customer service capabilities. For companies with Salesforce and Zoho CRM’s, Citrisys has custom fit solutions that can easily and efficiently integrate CS with CRM for better service capabilities.

Citrisys has professional expertise in implementing website search solutions for NIKE, TESCO and other Forbes 500 commerce websites. Our advanced search solution can integrate with your Hybris platform easily to provide capabilities that can promote products based on the customer profile. Our advanced search strategies can integrate with your Hybris platform.

Integrating silo systems and their data can create complex Capital Expenditure(CAPEX) and (OPEX) costs that organizations in current market cannot bear. But for organizations losing customer, business data, and starting from scratch can create much more expensive economies of scale.Our technical expertise can help you to migrate data or integrate your current CRM’s, Order management, PCM’s, Messaging platforms, CMS and ERP systems so that you can extensive use Hybris as a single point solution.

Citrisys has its own M-Commerce spin off called Mobile brigade. Our previous experience is with market place mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Tablets and other Custom application development. This experience and expertise gives the courage to tell our customers that when comes to your M-Commerce strategy needs, we have it. We can help you to expand your M-Commerce channel by integrating Hybris with your M-Commerce website so that you can control your marketing and M-Commerce management through Hybris in a single click.

Our Quick2Manage support helps you to keep your POS platform online. Citrisys provides certified Hybris experts and technical assistance for a cheap price so that you can stop worrying about IT and start selling.

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