Custom Web Development

Why choose custom web development?

Custom web software development gives companies the ability to adapt web development to your brand and business needs. If designed, developed and implemented properly, custom web development gives companies agility to scale easily for future user needs. But custom web development has its limitations. Usually outsourcing the development to vendors without experience creates increased time for deployment, rise in IT Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and definitely increased Operating Expenditures (OPEX), in the longer run. Increase in OPEX and CAPEX can majorly affect your bottom line, your productivity and in some cases your brand image. So it is important for companies to choose vendors carefully.

Why choose Citrisys?

Citrisys solutions is a e-Business integrator with expertise in offering across-the-board e-Commerce and custom web application solutions for retail, supply chain and financials. Our expansive portfolio gives us the confidence to assure you that our development will be an organic part of your growth objectives and most importantly it will help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase return’s on investment (ROI). Our custom web development is suited from small to large organizations. Choose our custom web development because we work really hard to

  • Market ideas faster
  • Fit IT to business needs
  • Lower the TCO
  • Increase the ROI
  • Make growth, Organic and Possible

How we make IT happen

User experience is pivotal for an Commerce platform to succeed, be internal or external. Citrisys helps organizations to create UI strategy. Our UI strategy modeling is simple but effective. We analyze your business needs, your business information architecture, capture your brand and store experience, create customizable website wire frames, website re-design, corporate identity and logo design, test UI and finalize a design that matches your business style. UI strategy is primarily designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency for easy page loads and, finally retain customers. Our UI strategy helps you to compete with courage, no matter if you are a here for B2B, B2C or a custom web development for your organization.Our UI strategy is simple WYSIWYG.

In responsive designing, Citrisys rigorously tests to see designed website can be accessible across wide range of user devices. Citrisys extensively uses tools, technologies and methodology that can reduce time to market a solution. Design once, use it in many devices.

Our development methodologies are suitable for varied business scenarios. We have expertise with industry standard practices like Agile Scrum and also unique practices like lean management and Kanban. Citrisys has custom developed a rigorous E-Commerce framework called Quick2Commerce that can enable E-Businesses to quickly develop, deploy and implement growth targeted solutions. With development methodologies and expertise, organizations can be assured that there are no time, cost and resource overheads.

We have extensive knowledge and practical experience in understanding that content makes most of the sale. So we help organizations to design efficient content management systems that reduce the page loading time and therefore any loss of customer, no matter what your device is. Our technical expertise ranges from COTS content management solutions to designing custom management solutions based on Joomla and Drupal. We design content systems so that you can sell more and increase loyalty in your consumers.

Our Quick2Commerce development methodology gets start-ups and medium companies to market their ideas in really short period of time. With our expertise, we promise almost equal returns when it comes to custom e-Commerce development. For larger companies with demands that scale across the systems we can assure that your needs will be met with quality custom products that are compatible with your current applications.

Our expertise with information security strategy stems from our managed services + hosting expertise which is completely compliant with PCI DSS and ISO 27001, so that business critical information completely protected, all the time.

Citrisys solutions helps organizations to migrate easily to managed services by providing project planning, system, application configuration, system, application instrumentation, load, security testing and documentation. With expert level knowledge base on a wide array of application frameworks, Citrisys can help organizations in to see if the business requirements were met.

Citrisys Solutions provides managed services for organizations facing key challenges regarding their total cost of ownership (TCO) and other business risks from their IT portfolio. Our managed services was designed with various geographical, business, socioeconomic and technology needs in consideration. By choosing Citrisys solutions’ managed services, businesses can reduce risks, improve efficiency, performance and manage IT so that they can grow bigger. Organizations can choose from our exceptional range of services and resources starting from IT acquisition, development and until post implementation, to fit their business needs. With Citrisys, organizations can expect the Assurance, Dexterity, Reliability and Performance.

Custom web applications are developed under a blanket of frameworks, tools and technologies that are widely spread and complex. When maintaining such complex applications it is important that application is optimized for user experience at a competitive level. Our optimization maps all your pain points including network layers and provides reports that can help to understand more about your website. Proactively measuring performance helps us to optimize website performance so that there is no loss of consumers.

Citrisys provides in depth expertise in integrating multiple systems. We make sure that our integrations exactly translate to initial business needs. It increases ROI, reduces risks and sets organizations in a growth path.

Citrisys has helped many Forbes 500 organizations to manage their campaign efficiently and cost effectively. Our expertise tells us when a media promotion will deliver, before hand. We also help organizations with making multi channel marketing campaigns, reach the goals. Apart from being experts in business functions we love to help organizations to design their analytics strategy so that organizations can observe how their investments could do better.

Citrisys has its own M-Commerce spin off called Mobile brigade. Our previous experience is with market place mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Tablets and other Custom application development. This experience and expertise gives the courage to tell our customers that when comes to your M-Commerce strategy needs, we have it. We can help you to expand your M-Commerce channel by integrating Hybris with your M-Commerce website so that you can control your marketing and M-Commerce management through Hybris in a single click.

Our support and maintenance is based on ITIL verified processes. Our strategy for strategy and maintenance is simple. Reduce support and maintenance costs. We assure that your application will be back online with very low down time.

We don’t do the “Cookie Cutter Approach” and our machines are not Rube Goldberg compliant. Our pricing methodology for custom development is simple. Pay for what you get.

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