ATG Implementation


In the diverse and fast paced world of the Internet, all of the puzzle pieces must fit together perfectly to launch successful Web solutions that are efficient, offer a quality experience and demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment. User-friendly modules and intuitive design elements are key puzzle pieces of paramount importance, and our ATG consultants are experts at delivering those. Planning, designing, building, and executing world-class ATG-driven websites that are streamlined to complement your business is our expertise.

Our ATG service offerings include:

  • Managing the entire lifecycle of the project from start to finish – from cost estimates to quality assurance and from managing deliverables and deadlines to documenting the design and development processes.
  • Designing ATG based solutions for e-commerce, portals and targeted content delivery mechanisms based on customer requirements and ATG best practices.
  • Developing components and modules to suit the clients’ business needs and infrastructure constraints.
  • Deploying ATG based solutions on various hardware and software platforms and fine-tuning the deployments for performance.

ATG Commerce

Our consultants are specialists in delivering ATG implementations. ATG Commerce offers a comprehensive, scalable e-commerce solution to automate the complete lifecycle of online sales, marketing, and service, and is ideal for high customer volume. Its flexible, component-based e-commerce software architecture supports:

  • Personalizing the online buying experience of customers.
  • Easily find desired products.
  • Pre-order products.
  • Comparison shopping.
  • Register for gifts or redeem coupons.

ATG Staffing

Over several years of providing IT integration solutions and ATG consulting services, we have built a wide network of highly qualified ATG professionals that can add value to your organization. We help you recruit qualified full time technical staff that meet your business requirements, and also blend in with your existing employee personalities, your work style and culture. It’s another piece of the puzzle that needs to fit, and we can find that piece for you!

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