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“87% of global population uses mobile phones”, in which, ” 1.08 Billion of smart phones doing data browsing will overtake the desktop version, in 2014″ – TechCrunch, CNET and Smart insights, 2013

Our Mobile service offerings include

Website Optimization for Smartphone Platforms

Having mobile presence has become an essential one as having an online presence. To be a successful retailer you need to intelligently connect to the consumers over different platforms. Citrisys provides a highly scalable solution for optimizing existing web sites for Smartphones. In simple words the process involves user identification, device identification and rendering the content according to user platform.

Marketplace Applications (Android & Apple iOS)

Marketplace We specialize in designing and developing mobile application for the major platforms of Apple iOS and Android. As your partner, we listen to your strategies, core ideas and develop an application which brings out the essence of your requirements. The development process we adhere too, provides an output which is aligned with your mobile strategy, it can be marketed faster and with commendable market traction.

Android Platform Customization

Android platform is very much ideal for stretching the boundaries of system integration. Its openness in the core structure allows us to create impossible systems until now. The architecture of Android permits a highly customizable software environment, which is enabled by its runtime binding of requested actions and the code to satisfy those requests. This simply means that you can customize it almost to an intimate level. This particular platform has taken the concept of customization to the next-gen level.

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