Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Magento Integration

With a flurry of evolving new technologies and ever changing customer needs, the business owners are compelled to establish connection with technological changes to deliver a complete shopping experience to their customers. Large number of business owners are looking for strategic alternatives to synchronize their dispersed technologies within their organization and gain access to the hidden opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an adaptable business management solution that streamlines financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes. Magento is an open source eCommerce software, which is known for its agility and flexibility. The contemplative integration of these two technologies facilitates the business owners to connect their retail business from end to end.This integration simplifies complex processes, eliminates manual tasks, integrates data in real-time and expands the ability to sell through multiple channels.


Citrisys Solutions is one of the strategic eCommerce managed service providers offering seamless integration module to sync Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and Magento platform. The integration module facilitates movement of data into and out of Dynamics AX ERP using CSV files that gets dropped into a FTP directory within Dynamics AX ERP. The integration module automatically imports the sales orders into the ERP and also exports products, customers, addresses, inventory levels, and shipments from the ERP. It facilitates export of data in batch’s (or) exports updated records only and communicates with the Magento platform to allow movement of data onto the Magento online store. This module installs a custom controller file and some additional attribute fields on products, customers, addresses, and orders.


✓ Customers

✓ Products

✓ Customer Groups

✓ Sales Orders

✓ Inventory

✓ Tier Pricing

✓ Credit Limits

✓ Sales Quotes

✓ Credit Memos

✓ Promotions & Discounts

✓ Shipping

✓ Taxes

✓ Purchase Orders

✓ Field Sales


✓ Facilitates Microsoft Dynamics AX as the only back end system to process Orders and track Inventory.

✓ Saves time and data entry errors with the automated creation of sales orders, payment invoices & customer records in your Dynamics AX ERP.

✓ Maximizes your investment in the Magento web-store.

✓ Streamlines your fulfillment process.


Citrisys Solutions now has more than +25 developers specializing in Dynamics AX and eCommerce platforms integration. Citrisys offer a wide range of complimentary services, from systems integration, custom development to hosting support services, so you can rely on us as your partner to implement and manage your solution for the long term.

Please send your inquiries to / (or) reach us out at +1.248.522.8223 (U.S) / +44.0131.202.6099 (U.K) for more information.

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