Oracle Commerce

Our fully customizable feature rich pre-built B2B and B2C storefronts built on the Oracle Commerce platform ensures that customers decrease operational costs through efficient multi site management. Our accelerator stores efficiently lower TCO, through custom built extensions and features ready for enterprise wide integration.

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Unique Hybris Offering

The essence of the Hybris platform lies in its ability to be agile while supporting instant implementation. Check out how our Hybris offering allows clients to go online in less than 6 weeks to bring about Rapid Return on Investment (r2i).

Magento Commerce

WhirlCommerce, our Magento offering is a revolutionary ecommerce offering built on the Magento platform that can Entice, Engage and Empower Customers (e3C – pronounced  e-cube-k) . Its powerpacked featureset packaged along with the bouquet of extensions, themes, add-ons and  managed services makes it one of a kind.

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  • Magento Clothes Store
  • Magento Footwear Store
  • Magento Jewellery Store
  • Magento Golf Store
  • Magento Restaurant Store
  • Magento Boutique Store

Dynamics AX Commerce

DaxRetail, our ecommerce offering on Dynamics AX, leverages the Dynamics AX platform and the Magento eCommerce platforms, bolts them together to provide immediate online capability to a traditional brick and mortar store. Check out on how the visually appealing user interface, captivates customers to instantly adopt online enablement guaranteeing maximum ROI

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